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Helping you see the big picture.

Helping you see the big picture.

 Quick to deploy, quick to use, and quick to start making your company big profits. 


Within minutes SOPHIA can present clear information for business assessment using easily understood formats alongside standard industry metrics definitions. For your company, this ensures the opportunities for real Supply Chain Intelligence and Profitability are realisable. 


SOPHIA has the much needed ability to bridge multiple business systems across subsidiaries to create consolidated reporting and can also bridge historical data from obsolete systems. No other product on the market today has the capacity SOPHIA does for making big data simple and manageable.


SOPHIA is an integrated business intelligence and analysis solution that covers:

  •   S&OP Functionality and Categorisation

  •   Industry Standard Performance Metrics 

  •   Pareto Analysis of Supply, Customer Demand and Inventory

  •   Data Integrity with Insight into Data Quality


Suitable for any ERP capable computer system, e.g. MS Dynamics (incl AX), QAD, Priority, SAP, Oracle etc. SOPHIA is a must have solution for organisations committed to improvement.


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